Ruin and Conquest: Adventures on the Island of Ealand

A brand new fantasy world for use with any tabletop roleplaying game. 

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Forging New Narratives

The island of Ealand is a shadow of what it was. The builders once raised colossal structures to the skies and created homes of luxury and order. Now all that they erected lays crumbling and broken. Hollowed out and used by brutish men to dominate each other in conflicts over Ealand’s corpse. This is a world already used to bloodshed that has been set ablaze in a war for its very identity.

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Where the fathers cower and the mothers wail there is room for legends to be born.

To adventure in Ealand is to traffic in conflict. To forge your legend in the fires of strife. With war comes opportunity for the brave, the clever, the remorseless and the perceptive. Whichever side of the great conflicts you choose. Whether you’re a Saevolk raider, a brave Huus warrior or even a greedy Guldyn mercenary loyal only to gold, your story can unfold in a myriad of directions. It matters crucially who you count as friend and foe, and who stands beside you when cold steel is drawn. This island contains all that is needed to gather the fame and honor that will echo through the ages.

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The land itself writhes in anger, with all the beasts and spirits of the wild in open hostility with the world of man.

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Small patches of light in a dark age.

For the players and game masters who choose to set their stories in Ealand, you must understand this is a harsh world, a dark world, but one that can contain beauty and triumph as well. A group of adventures can immerse themselves in very real anger between men, the warfare and conflict, or ignore that entirely and adventure against the great beasts and monsters of the wild.